The Lone Tree

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Author condog_111
Tags author:condog_111 non-playable rated tileset tree
Created 2007-11-25
by 11 people.
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Description Yes it is a palm tree.

CRUACE (Credit, Rate, Use, Abuse, Comment, Enjoy)

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That's an awesome tileset! It was simply made to be a minejumper. I curse myself for swearing that i'll never use anyone elses tiles... I already have the picture in my mind!
Well, hope that someone uses it well.


I like how it actually looks like a palm tree. It's not an imitation, it looks like the real deal. well done. 4/5. The center would be an ideal place for a rocket or a laser or something.




Try I use it shall!
nicely done

very nice

and usable. 4.


That is awesome.