Baldur's Gate

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Author ghazbaran
Tags author:ghazbaran n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2007-11-26
by 11 people.
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YEAH, no

I can't do that... I click till i bleed...
Since the fun of making them is clicking until you bleed.
But the programs now, make it really easy...
I know many are not auto generated, but with programs you can copy and paste parts, fill a big part of the map with something and other things that make narting worse for the non program users (like me).
i was under the impression that you used a program to make your narts - i think it was one of your own descriptions that said it - so i must have misinterperated the actual use of the program.
sorry about that :P

@ Cossack

why the hell does everyone think i use an art generator...
every friggin map i have made was placed object by object by me...
i dont believe in cheating... My program is a custom ned which i made to hold more objects so it doesn't lag...

i'm not offended but i just want people to know that i don't autogenerate my maps...


saying that - i dont mean NO3 is bad - he has good nart as well (just thought to clear that up - it wasnt a stab at NO3 in anyway :P)
this is reasonable but a little simple coz of the csnap - i just generally see csnap as a slightly inferior mode of outlining (but thats me :P) 3.5/5
The figure looks nice in the thumbnail, 2.5/5


1.) For the dubble post (I hit back/forwards)
2.) I just went through ]{NO3's maps and I have to take back what I said below.


Hey ']{NO3' I'd like to see you do better.


Hey ']{NO3' I'd like to see you do better.

fairly crap

i'll be generous and give you a 2.5

15 min!?

Thats fast.

but I have no time, did it in like 15 min