Lost Channel

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Author -{GALEMN}-
Tags action author:-{galemn}- easy-ish playable rated
Created 2007-11-28
Last Modified 2007-11-28
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Another little map from me.

I'd be interested if anyone can get an AGD done.


P.S: If you like it, please also check my other recent 2007-map:

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I only

took off points from the stacked gold to remind mapmakers never to do it ;)

To compensate for it, I'll go test your other maps.

really good map

i really liked the concept but the tileset i wasnt that keen on. dont get me wrong - its good - i just didnt really like it that much. it was simple and challanging at the same time - depending if you cared about gold. i like that in a map. didnt like the gold clump near the exit.

so: 4 for gameplay, 4 for tileset, .5 for difficulty (i would take -.5 for the gold clump, but that dosnt take away from the level in general and its a little too much to take off for something so small) = 4.5/5

Cool map

I liked the getting down part more than getting up :D
Gameplay: 3.5/5 Innovative but not fluent
Looks: 5/5 Awesome tileset!
Special: -.5 for stacked gold, +.5 for good difficulty.