Rocket Laps

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver playable race rated
Created 2005-07-24
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description the objective is to reach the exit with the rocket behind u:
hard stay with the rocket u started with
medium stay with the rocket as long as u can and get a new rocket if u need to

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is this cheating

lol i found a way w/o the rocket
Demo Data

i only used 1 rocket ;D
Demo Data


its laps not just rocket dodging but rocket leading

What's so hard?

It's only one rocket.

I can't :P

I don't have perfect walljumping...


I'm bad at doing these rocket-climb things, but I'll try.


lol im bad at N so i cant give u a demo but i did complete one lap


i cant get past the rocket in the beginning. after i revive myself though, its fun. i wont rate it until i see a completion demo. its really cool, and has potential!