Bugzzy - I

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Author LordOfPeanuts
Tags author:lordofpeanuts bitesized incomplete n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2007-12-03
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Still need to colour and add wings...

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WOW 9/10

thats cool man it would be even cooler if you could actully play it
for using csnap for outline. will wait to see what the final looks like. dont like the ears/wings/whatevers coz they look pixillated coz of the csnap...


crappy now... but could be good later.

you know

its incomplete, right? I'd save the 'size for when its done. :P

Dude. Crap!

Oh my god. N arts I don;t think should really be bitesized, But you bet this one is going to be. 5avedized.


Thats the sweetest thing ive seen in a long time!