Bugzzy- Part 2

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Author LordOfPeanuts
Tags author:lordofpeanuts bitesized n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2007-12-04
Last Modified 2007-12-04
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description Yay! It's bugzzy.

I guess I'm done. I don't really like the colour but whatever.:/Oh, and you don't want to load it - it takes 10 minutes and the thwumps are messed up - so don't!Anyways, hope you like it.

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parts he did use 1/4, with thwumps. but look at the wings. Those are no snap :O

V. Cool

This is a great N - Art.


best shaded-N-art I've seen thats AAD (After Afternoon Dragon)

Nice action lvl

4/5, need to colour the wings.


very nice, i like this...
sorry but it rounds down to 4...

4.5 or 5

I do like it though, but I'm not a huge N-art fan


Nice job :D


Great job!
I still think Afternoon Dragon is Dragon is the best N-art...

cool map

he's cool but i agree a red one 1 would be cool but still a 5
But you get a 5 nonetheless.


This should have it's place on the toprated (as it stands right now) for awhile, it deserves it.

Great aspect, near flawless detail, I love the shading.

4.5/5 (The only 5/5 on an N-Art I ever gave was on Afternoondragon Step4)

make a red one


Actually no,

I went over the outlines with z-snap, but the rest is c-snaped.


d..did you use 1/4 snap for all of it? looks remarkably smooth for having any snap

It's not amazing,

def. not bad for sure though!