Wrath from Heaven Part 1

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Author ghazbaran
Tags author:ghazbaran n-art nonplayable not-finished unrated
Created 2007-12-06
Last Modified 2007-12-07
Map Data

Description FURIOUS GEORGE's avatar.
Background will be all orange with some light and dark parts. Now it looks bad but when finished it will be very cool!
Enjoy! (image)

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My computer broke and we had to buy a new one, a pretty sucky one. When I load it, my pc freezes, so I'll have to wait until I buy another computer...
my tip here is - if you notice the wing things on the image - they are pretty symetrical - your ones arnt and they seem to be too fat. also i think you should have done the border smaller so that the wings can have the wide spread they need.
will be interesting to see the final result.
when you finish it... the resemblance is not too good...