Deadly Strand

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Author BuddyLee
Tags action author:buddylee bitesized mine-jumper playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-12-07
by 20 people.
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Holy fucking shit this is hard. I' dig it if that seventh jump weren't so finnicky....


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that is not going to rate cuz i suck at giving the right rating...


Great concept and lots of fun. The 7th jump is almost too hard though.
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I was on my right ass-cheek all the way through that. Numb - Linkin Park.

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lol, de ja vu

i like this better.


Does the name 'miyomiyo' ring a bell?

Never mind

I figured it out

I did what now?

How did I show you N?

I did like it, I just thought I'd make you feel like you could. (Besides, I think you're the one who showed me N in the first place.)

Naw, global warming's to interesting. It'd have to be talking about the effects of water on the turgor pressure of onion cells.


that was fun. 4.5
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Nice idea.

Good execution, too.

slow agd

4, fun
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If you move fast without pausing much on the trapdoors, you'll find the gauss doesn't bother you too much.

Whoa there

If you don't think it should be bitesized, then don't bitesize it... It's about your opinion, not mine
it would have to speak in high monotone all day about global warming.
other than that it was great.
4, sized

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I would if I could...


that was fun. 4aved