Meisseh Meshina

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Author krusch
Tags 100th action author:krusch bitesized featured mine-jumper rated
Created 2007-12-07
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description Meshuggah made me do it.

This map was featured on 2008-10-23

For those of you who are sick of playing the same board games at the same table, perhaps you should direct your attention to this map.

krusch's Meisseh Meshina is more than just a new board game. It is a whole new table. The unique style combined with the challenging routes makes this map a thrilling experience to play, and while it may look quite simple, this is one for accomplished players rather than beginners. However it is this fact that makes completing it all the more satisfying.

I promise, you won't find a map like this anywhere else. — lord_day

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Stylish map

golfkid's NReality highscore on this is f-ing amazing.



Starting is hard.

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still really fun

I've always loved this map, really cool, stylish too.
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Corner jump frenzy!

Nice corner jumper

My pathetic AGD...
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Fastest AGD

I think this pretty much destroys all the other ones on here.

Love the map, definitely faved.
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death demo.

love the tileset.

this route might be faster...
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But it plays very, very well.
I wanted this one. D:

nice review

and good choice


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if i were a featurer already. rerated 5.


I'm such an idiot.
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Lol speeeeeddddd

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that was MEANT to say: "I saw fingersonthefrets demo smashed mine" I think you got the gist though :)
not to be out done I beat his AGD! :P
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Yeeaah! Go krusch!

Got an all gold demo for the occasion. Probably one of my favourites of all time.
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It's very gratifying.


Nicely made


we go.

Very, very good map. 4.5/5
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I can't believe this reverse corner jump worked.. too bad I jacked up the rest.
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Coolest fucking map in forever.


I overshot.
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check this demo out... 4.5/5, excellent gameplay and totally addictive, it looks great, and the overall design is just awesome.
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too tough for me.. frets makes it look so easy. *(hangs head in shame)

this was very fun

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