Kids in a Museum

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Author Cryptic
Tags author:cryptic bitesized dda hold-right kra kradda multi-path rated
Created 2007-12-08
Last Modified 2007-12-09
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description A KRADDA and a KRADDA Right all in one. The DDA is about 1500 frames, and the DDA Right is about 850 frames.

This is a major accomplishment for me. It's my second DDA, my first KRADDA, my first DDA Right, and my first multi-path DDA. Just to make this even more challenging, I added a constraint: Each path had to re-enter the central room through the other path's exit. It makes sense when you watch it.

About halfway through making the map, I learned how to use bounce-blocks. While there's still a lot of launchpads, I tried hard to incorporate innovative propulsion techniques.

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Great for a first,

Demo Data

I really

like the top part.
I did something to win.
Demo Data


its great for a first but
what Usaswim an caz said

there is room for improvment

But heres the basics of making a kradda:
1. Close calls for the rocket (going through walls)
2. Close calls for the ninja (with the rocket)

Your dda has both of these type of close calls, but theres still room for improvement.
Try making your next one without launchpads.



this DDA is so old-school style! :D:DD:D
There weren't many, if any, close calls for the rocket. I could've just stuck a rocket in one of my DDAs and just called it a KRA. Sorry, that's my harsh critique.

On the lighter side, not bad for a second DDA, but as I said earlier, there wasn't much going on, and I'm not quite fond of the tiles. Making it multi-path deems a challenge, so you get extra for that.

And yes, Caz_0_o did point out a lot of things.


oh and + 0.5

for multi mapth

so total is 4

Heres what i think


to many luanch pads -1
to much gold delay -0.5
not enough close calls -1
no constent exitment -0.5

first kradda +1
goes threw wall a lot +0.5


Thank you miyoser.

This is what this map deserved.
Also the #1 map now. :D





#2 Map

on Numa.

Second DDA!?

2 PATTTTHHHS!!!!!!!????
Wish I was as good as you at DDA making...

im speechless

but ill say something anyways that map was awesome i am just mad that you still need 2 more votes.make some other cool maps and link this to it because once people see this it will be in the top rated in no time
are you serious you haven't done one before?


Your first KRADDA? I'd have given you a 5 even if you were a professional DDA:er ;D