you can get out but getting back in...

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Author manaphy
Tags author:manaphy awesome cool dda fun moving rated
Created 2007-12-08
by 6 people.
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Description I dedicate this map to cryptic for inspiring me and giving me good advice.this map is good to me i hope you like it.

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This was a better map name then "GET IN THE HOUSE OR YOU'LL CATCH A DEAD" and "not many tiles".
Both of those names were bad, this name was sorta catchy.

Tip: Catchy names bring people to play that map.

No offence,

bumbummilktoffee is an awesome name.
the homing launcher i know i to take out but there are other things should still do to i just need to keep on tryin and i saw your map kids in a muesem which was totally awesome.and as for you bumbummilktoffee just shut up already.besides i dont know why i am fighting with a 5 year old that thinks bumbummilktoffee is funny still.


I appreciate the dedication. :)

This is definitely an improvement over 'not many tiles'. I like the incorporation of bounce-block propulsion, as well as the fake one in the upper left. Tricking the viewer is always a good thing. Use of trap doors to reverse direction(at mid left), is also good, as it's somewhat less straightforward than simple propulsion.

Gold delay, while good for tweaking effects, can take away from the level when used in excess. The launchpad in the lower left, for example, was definitely excessive. You probably could have moved it a half-snap to the right and cut down the gold delay quite a bit. And as JackPack pointed out, the rocket was somewhat extraneous.


A rapping country singer. :P


that was a mixture of rap and country which equals crap i agree with all the points of jackpack and have nothing else to add


Few good close calls with laser.
There is gold delay.
Few enemies.
Rocket doesn't do much.
But good using bounceblock propulsion.
Also try to get rid of gold the ninja can't collect.

In editor mode,

It is hilarious! He evades the laser drone I-don't-know-how-maky times, only to be killed by the rocket!
Just for that, 4.5/5