Kinda Like Saw??

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Author vivaciouszack
Tags action author:vivaciouszack med-hard playable saw survival unrated
Created 2007-12-08
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description a level inspired by the movie "saw", is a medium-hard map. and let me tell you......just like the movie ther is traps and requires a lot of time. and please dont ruin it by going into the level editor and seeing what does what and how.

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Jigsaw:I wanna play a game!
Me:Yay!, thats fun.
Jigsaw:No, its not fun.
Me:Then what game is it?
Jigsaw:A game between life and death.
Me:Awwww, cant we play N instead?
Me:I bet i could beat you in mine dodger.
Jigsaw:What? no, im the best in the world.

After the game

Jigsaw:Ahhh, cmon i only died once.
Me:Yeah! you suck!