Re Bureaucratical Marionettes of Hypocrisy

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Author condog_111
Tags action author:condog_111 bitesized drones marionettes playable rated thwumps
Created 2007-12-08
Last Modified 2007-12-08
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Resubmission. Fixed up some areas and it is now cheat proof.

Ded to Hendor for smashing my demo on this map :

RCE (does anyone listen to this?)

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i think

this is the WEIRDEST nAME i have ever seen on NUMA.
It looks great. NR for now.


well if I did, it was subconcious
Impractical execution.


i made the original map before you made yours. So YOU copied ME! ;P

Any inspiration? :P
its a nice concept and all.
but it could be abit more flowy.
the idea needs some touching up before I would bitesize it

pretty cool

let me complete it before rating it.

Ill be back..
but when i did, i loved it

i think RCE

has evolved into something like a microwave.
everyone knows what it is, but no one really knows how they work

good map by the way
4/5 love the look