rocket thwumped

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Author Slightly_Thwumped_up
Tags author:slightly_thwumped_up dda hrdda rated rocket-dodging test
Created 2007-12-11
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description ~~~~~ATENTION-HOLD RIGHT(->) DDA~~~~~

and its actually my very first.
RCE ^o^

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Good work!

As far as first DDAs go, this is very good. Lots of enemies, and thwump launches are fun.

However, I strongly recommend that you invest some time into learning how to implement more propulsion methods, such as trap doors and bounce blocks. Launchpads are easy to use and are very predictable. Chains of launchpads, such as in the upper left of this map, are especially boring.

As to the rockets, while it was good that you were able to add so many, they weren't very exciting. Some of the rocket turrets on the right side seemed dedicated entirely to firing rockets straight into the wall. There's nothing wrong with having a swarm of rockets, it just seemed like a lot of the rockets were just fluff.


Needs more close calls
Different types of propulsion (other than launch pads)

But I did like the speedy beginning