Why, sir, it's a Foot Race

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Author project_air
Tags action author:project_air bitesized playable projectair rated
Created 2007-12-12
by 19 people.
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Description Project Air- a breath of fresh air from the freshest authors

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This map by: Condog

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Always WAS a High Roller


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5/5 and faved
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an account wide average for a an account to showcase different authors is not at all useful, nor acurrate.

Raitings these days (if of course they ever did) mean very little, and those that arn't working toward some kind of meaningful average even less so.

Being able to fav, bite and type your appreciation should be enough here.
well made and looks pretty cool. i dont think there is any need to disable ratings for this account... besides - they show what people think of the map well enough. 4/5 i thinks


wow.. i actually did it.. an agd
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Nice map

You should disable ratings for maps on this account, for sure.


missed a few golds
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A bit messy.

Good concept but poor execution.
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completion demo

@destiny : xD
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loved it

5avedsized if i could lol


1st go.
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Pretty sweet.

Loved the drone paths and the tileset.
Also, it wasn't too hard.