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Author kinglibai
Tags author:kinglibai bug bugs experimental nonplayable rated test
Created 2007-12-15
Last Modified 2007-12-15
by 6 people.
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this is a weird bug i found. try to load it then 5 seconds later the game crashes and N starts to do victory dances. however i've found a way around it, if you can too then post your demo and explanation

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he he

thats funny... HEY! YOU CRASHED MY GAME ):<


If you dont know how this works I will explain it to you. N v1.4 is a flash game. The character, N, is a movieclip. Before you start to play the game the movie clip is paused as the standing position. The script that allows you to play the game is what makes sure that the movieclip is paused. Once you crash the game, the script is aborted so that your entire computer wont crash. This means that nothing is stopping the movieclip from running and it will just run continuously, making him cycle through the dances.

I like it

it scans all the dances without a door!

Yeah, a floorguard.

The data has 4^, that means floorguard.


I've seen something similar happen if you put a floorguard on top of the map(outside the boundaries), except that it plays various sounds also.
How did you do this one? I can't seem to find out.