DoorEerie habits

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Author ReeceGH
Tags author:reecegh chase door door-eerie drone eerie playable rated thwump trapdoors traps
Created 2007-12-16
by 10 people.
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Description Habits as in I did another one of these just yesterday.

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Not horrible, but not the best ever. 3/5

though i liked the drone aspect, there are a few basic principles which door-eeries need. they are:

1. the thought of not knowing whats coming next
2. leisure
3. unexpected turns

-> now, i am not advertising with this <-

but thes are some door-eeries that are good by de standards:

awesome idea

the drone was a great move. it made usual almost boring door eeries exciting.
5/5 for an innovative idea.

I like the idea.

The drone adds a new dimension to dooreeries - there's actually a challenge besides the time limit. However, the long straight stretches in this map result in me getting too far away from the drone for it to do much.
There just needs to be turns more often in this map, and I don't like the thwumps much either.
I love having that bot after me. The one problem with past eeries was the lack of action. Now theres action.

the idea is good

a door eerie with a motivation in it. but i didnt like the part of walking behind the twumps - coz you had to make it so the thwumps come out at the right time. this is a good move for eerie's