Heartfelt Lies 3

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Author MaximumRide
Tags 3-3 action author:maximumride bitesized hard playable rated turtle-is-hot
Created 2007-12-16
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description The hard submission to Turtles' Series Competition.

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Demo Data
seemed abit disconjointed.
the lazer annoyed me the most. it put me off getting the gold.
i wouldnt have bitesized. 3
Sure, go abstract, but yeah gotta keep it real, you know, tileset was ugly, not cool, doors like that a big no no in my books. Terrible choice to put a rocket, mines pissed me off, generally the gameplay sucked. Oh the gold was nice :P

Don't try to make maps for other people, make maps that you are proud of and enjoy and you will make great map I'm sure.

I'm going to rate 2.5


i didn't like it

Why don't people

rate this the 5 that it's worth?

I rated a 3

if that helps.


but i did rate quite low, in comparison with what most of these comments say.

Im not going to tell you what I rated. You'll see when you get the results


that might have been my vote.




turtle is hot

Demo Data

O ya



play my map called coyote roams alone and rate, comment PLZZ
It was really well-made. 5avesized.