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Author Mekkah
Tags action author:mekkah rated
Created 2007-12-18
Map Data

Description I like the mechanics alot.

Make sure you get the bottom right door switch BEFORE you go up the "elevator".

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your maps are pretty good dude ;)

Fun map.

But I thought the first switch was pointless (which is no big deal) and I didn't like the placement of the exit switch. But I thought the second homing drone was nice. not quite bite worthy imo. 4/5

Nice map...

I like it...but it's not anything special. I think there are too much unused and unnecessary objects. 4/5
Maybe this one:
(the squares are very similar) ;)

Demo Data

great fun

get rid of the superflous objects and it would be almost perfect.
Demo Data

a lot is two words.

just wanted to point that out.
yes, the mechanics are nice.
then I'm just going to die...

SoSorry for spamming your page, it's only because I care <3


You travel there first to collect the switch then up into the middle. You tease the drone down and it acts as a threat when you grab the gold it was guarding.

That's really nice.

Sorry for confusing, drank far too much coffee today :p

I'd score higher if you tidied up the layout of the last section, it just feels a little out of place with the tight design of the rest of the map.

You're right, the mechanics are really fun here.
the final jump I can't seem to make, I thought I was just playing badly but it seems you're forced to travel back up into the middle chamber to reach the exit.

Unless I'm mistaken.
Some of the aesthetics I didn't enjoy (disembodied doors and the exit chamber).

Also the map leads you to the thuwmp lifts at a low angle, which tends to make the one furthest from you rise out of sync. Could be fixed with some slightly raised tiles either side, perhaps.

Also, the final jump up into the chamber just below the exit chamber, while not difficult, is disproportionately tricky next to the relaxed play of everything previous.

Everything up until the final two chambers I enjoyed a lot.

Good map - 3.5/5


Nice. Cool and clean fun. Nice tiles too. 4.5/5.


I like it a lot. The drones worked well.

brilliant map

Very well made.