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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 playable unrated
Created 2007-12-19
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Description It's missing something.

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Fun map but I agree.

all gold

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I love this map, but I agree there's something missing. Let me know what you think.

i disagree

i do like the map, it has nice flow.
but i do agree somethings missing. theres nothing pushing you forward.
needs an enemy
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"stop being so rude and apologise to Mr littleviking001."
sorry :(

ugh, wheres the edit comment button when you need it. on a more serious note, the map might be just too easy. perhaps, a necessity to descend somewhat into the crevices, to reach switches etc, might make it more challenging.
its just not a great map. very metanet-ish, though.

like this

I have no idea what though.. Maybe some mines.. Maybe a rocket.
Or instead of a few of the thwumps have a drone or two.
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*keeps the level from being great


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Well, not that.

The thwumps in the middle gap are left out for gameplay's sake. Putting them in makes it too annoying to get around. I mean something is lacking that keeps the level begin great. It's just a bit repetitive and bland now.


a pair of thwumps in the fourth gap.