Angstrom Residence/Villa No. 1

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Author Izzy
Tags actionish angstrom author:izzy puzzlish save-family-ish steal unrated
Created 2007-12-19
Last Modified 2007-12-20
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Description Two stories:

1. N has turned to burglary in order to support his wife and kids. You must get all the gold and reach the extraction point before the guard-dogs catch you.

2. The evil S has forced N to steal a Uranium isotope from Dr. M C.E.O. M.P. by keeping his family hostage. S plans to produce a weapon now only known as Project Gauss. You must take the elevator avoiding all security measures if possible.

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Removed objects that cause lag on certain slow computers like mine.

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Heh, 1.5aved. I had the most epic speedrun down then got trapped by the drones at the end.
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