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Author PsychoSnail
Tags action author:psychosnail fun medium playable rated rockets
Created 2007-12-21
Last Modified 2008-05-28
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Revised version of Stinging Desires []
I replaced the gausses with rockets and moved them, and took out the gauss in the center. I also tweaked two of the locked doors.
Hopefully it's less annoying than before, and more fun with the rockets. It's certainly easier - I've already gotten an agd on this one.

Please comment on how I can improve this.

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a bunch of maps?


a laff. well anyway, about our collab. i'll get back to you in maybe 2 weeks or so, i'm very busy right now. it's not over tho!

Not bad

A good level. An AGD would take me forever though...

4/5 BTW

I'd've given a 3.5

but I have to give you a 4 now.
Whatever. It was fun enough. :)


AGD would be a huge pain.
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agree with arona, maybe less gold?


more propulsion, a bounceblock at the bottom would have done nicely. The tileset is very nice looking.

its alright

though you could have changed the tileset and not made it four way symmetrical, there was only one way back up, a bounceblock or launchpad off the ground would have been good...
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is here!
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