Back & Forth, Laser Rave

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Author vivaciouszack
Tags action author:vivaciouszack chase easy playable puzzle race rated
Created 2007-12-21
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description bascially run back and forth till the switch finially opens.

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Were only saying this map is kinda crap but not worthless.
Remove alot of lasers until its not laggy and it'll be pretty nicer.


it not one of my best works, i mainly made this one with people who cant beat other peoples maps that are too hard for them. so if you will stop the accuzations and just live with it!
maybe you added too many lasers - I only say it couze of lag, so maybe removing the ones on sides and limithing the movement of others could work - well anyways level is fun :)


This was just boring. And why did you make so many drones,, it lagged my ass off.

. . .

Uhhh. How is this a race?


It lagged.
There were wayyyy too many enemies.
Wasn't fun.
It wasn't worthless though.