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Tags author:nightmare619 episodic featured rated reject
Created 2007-12-23
Last Modified 2007-12-23
by 23 people.
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Description Cavernous and stuff.

This map was featured on 2009-07-22

NIGHTMARE619 [] is not a simple author. Upon first inspection his maps appear hap-hazard and poorly designed. Doors open to nothing, deep passages hold naught but a single gold piece. His maps will not reveal themselves with a finger-light touch, rather demanding conscious effort to be appreciated. Therefore it is profoundly difficult for me to choose which map to present for featuring. So many are great, complex beauties. In the end I chose Alpha, as you can see. It is the map I know best, out of all his works. I still love playing it, after all these times. — gloomp

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Woah that worked really well... :o
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He looks unique

im gonna go threw more of his maps!
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Very fun.

I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did.
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I was under the impression that we thrived on sarcasm. :|

"That gauss"

is not very specific, given there are 3 :p. But I agree that they are deadly, they killed me several times on the way up. I think this map is very good, both the chaingun area and the thwump area were fun.
Very fun map. I might not choose it personally, but definitely a solid map. No complaining here :)
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... after all, I've never seen it before in my life.
we don't appreciate sarcasm here. nice map, btw. the risk management concept that gloomp was speaking of is certainly utilized well here.


all gold :D
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how about

'this is a neat map and we should be glad that the reviewers are pushing maps into the spotlight so that we can play all sorts of cool things and learn to appreciate maps of all kinds instead of grading the review for grammar and spelling and wishing that our own maps were featured instead'

Hahahah, oh Radium.

You're such a silly serioushead.


Also, can we all agree that instead of saying "this is not feature worthy" we should say "I wouldn't have featured this"?


i actually think it s boring :|...
for me not worth a feature

Hey, southpaw

I'm not the one insulting people's faces. That seems to be more of an offense to me.
Don't fan the flames, RadiumFalcon. Your comment was essentially flamebait.
Just not my type of FACE.
Just not my type of map.

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Fun! :D

Love the thwumps.



Use, or similar, please.
fast AGD

very well thought out.
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Yes yes yes! This map is great.

Why is it a 3? D:
It's like the maps where you can cheat up the walls, but you miss all the fun that way.


maximo beat me to it.


I would have liked some more incentive to jump around in the thwump area.
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While this is nice

the thwump section, which looks lovely, is 100% avoidable. There is practically no reason to go up there since the chain gun has such a long reload time you can run the length of the the tunnel before it fires at you again.

Shame too, because it looked like a good section, just under used.

Still a solid little map.

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Flowy fast fun.

I rated earlier, but I still thought it was fun enough to play again.

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Damn this is fun.

Good work uber_haxor!
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Super easy

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