"I'm screwed!"

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Author kinglibai
Tags author:kinglibai easy fun glitch-based playable unrated
Created 2007-12-24
Last Modified 2007-12-24
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Description "I'm screwed" said N. "Long way down from here and that launchpad will just speed me up. And that nasty floorguard would get me anyway. I might as well give up"

Quite easy actually. 2 glitches in 1 map.

P.S. you're actually supposed to do nothing till you hit the ground, I glitched the floorguard so it can't hit you.

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how on earth did you do that??? WTF


Not seeing them, and I beat this.

Nevermind, lol

I just did it without FBF, and it was faster
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can't do this without using FBF after I hit the mine... I can't jump the instant I hit the ground.
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