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Author MaximumRide
Tags action agchaos author:maximumride bitesized medium mix playable rated
Created 2007-12-24
by 13 people.
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Description Inspired by GreenEggsAndHam. I have a passionate hate of how well-made your levels are now-a-days. -Eric :]

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I honestly knew I liked this map after playing it for 2 seconds, no joke.
4.5 faved


3.5, tileset was a little awkward
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Bitch I'm Hardcore.

Thanks Mekkah. I'm glad you don't hold grudges.

I really like this too, if not better than the other GEAH inspired one. The gameplay is really nice, not too unique but that doesn't matter because it's massively fun to replay again and again. Also, it replicates perfectly GEAH's tileset style.

Nice job!
Demo Data

Very nice

The one-way walls ended up being a challenge

Very nice

I think this is a well thought out and made map. As Green said "Love the upper rocket room". The Map is very fun.
It is from some charity thing though.

Bahaha :D

This level is great fun. Love the upper rocket room.
Lovely, simplistic gameplay.


(Is your title from that AIDS charity?)