Tantamount to Paramountcy

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Author BuddyLee
Tags action author:buddylee bitesized collab drones featured lord-day playable puzzle race rated
Created 2007-12-24
Last Modified 2007-12-25
by 89 people.
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Description Lord_day and I took a very long time on this map. You can too!

**Merry Christmas!**

This map was featured on 2008-10-18

Disappointment. Hate. Dislike. All words that don't come to mind.

Tantamount to Paramountcy [] really is supreme when it comes to collaborations. The racing part is absolutely magnificent, providing a blissful rush that keeps bringing you back. The rocket sure is annoying to the least, but without it, the gameplay would be lacking in excitement, and it provides a great challenge. Lastly, finding the route you need to take takes quite the thought. Sure, maybe only experienced players may be able to beat it, but this map is surely enjoyable by anyone.

Adoration. Encouragement. Love. All words that come to mind. — Riobe

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A little more like 12 days, but whatever.

This map owns. I do remember it now that I've played it. Provides a good challenge without being overbearingly difficult, flow is relatively intuitive as the laser drones guide the way. If I kept track of my favorite maps this would easily be in the top 10. Nice one.


The title of this map randomly popped into my head just now. I don't know why I remembered it. I don't remember anything about this map. Guess I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

Finally beat it

Not that quick a demo, and I missed some gold, but at least I claimed 0th place on NReality.
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@ Brainwasher

xD there is a much easier way:
go to userlevel in the main menue --> on the left side is a box there paste the map data and than the demo data among there.
like this:
$Tantamount to Paramountcy#BuddyLee#none#000000PGMI00000000000060000001I000000000000?00000000(.......)#

then click play replay ^^ this soooo much easier


awesome drone mechanics!!!
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this is



Adding to favorites: Click the ninja by the map title.
cos' this was AWESOME!!
It is and forever will be.. XP

Been going through my favourites and found this map of awesomness.

This map is brilliant! Though that rocket is seriously hard. It would probably triple my rocket deaths in the time it would take to beat this level.

Can't remember what I rated it, but I'm 99% sure it was a 5


Demo Data

Demo Data


very cool level
Demo Data


press \or| to go to debug mode
insert the level data in the top box
press L
insert the demo data in the bottom box
press 3
press Q
press P
press Caps Lock
All done-watch demo
BTW, you should make a map, so I don't have to spam on other people's maps


I love this map. 5aved.


I keep getting killed by the rocket after I get the exit switch
How do you play other people demos?


concept's cool the map itself is eh imo.
rocket was too much i think.


It is..
feel a bit too contrived. other than that, it's nice. and the map....i can't come close to beating it, so nr.

Great choice riobe!

I love this map so much.

5 Still.

defintly one of my favs
very cool




100 words.


Demo Data

This was an

extreme pleasure to complete. Yes, I feel the pure euphoria.

Demo Data


They really need to fix the queue thing.




is this an action, puzzle, and race all at the same time?

I hated the rocket.

it was really annoying. the complexity of the drone train was great though. 4


this is really really reeeeeally good. nice Idea!

Very very nice

4.5aved, great job


great and awesome drone race! 5aved.
everything works out perfectly. 5
kinda like Sendy's map:


timing was put to great use here