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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-07-28
by 22 people.
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Description I think this is my best map as of yet. It's also my first map since camp. It's actually quite complicated, so please don't rate until you see my demo. Basically, you've got to keep both of the rockets alive for a little while. Then you have the option of going to the exit, or sticking around for some extra gold. By the way, the top left and right corners are just for style.
Have fun, folks! Please comment, post demos and rate.

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Awesome map

Really well made.
Originally they were slightly modded launchpads that pointed directly up. Their purpose was to get the ninja to the other side of the level. Then, they got in the way of the middle of the level later on, so I felt like I had no choice but make them teleport. I sort of dislike using teleporters as well, although I think they're great touches when implemented well.

Oh I hear ya

it's a good map, just teleportors tend to do that to maps. I don't think teleporters are inherently bad, and you used them well here, I just think they have to be used VERY cautiously.


I thought about that as I was finishing it up. I could have fixed that, but I really wanted to try and keep the playing space open. So I decided to just include a demo.

Anyway, fair enough.

my route

Good map, but I don't like having to be told what to do. I like seeing a map and knowing what I can do. This was just too "what am I doing" and I know you made the demo for that, but it's sorta an unadmerable mark I think if you have to make a demo for your map to be worth playing... 3.5N
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Tattletale DOES have a higher rating than this ;-)


And all-gold. Quite possibly your best level (and my favourite).
Demo Data


Okay, I see. They're meant to be activated from below. Good I didn't rate it before! 5, fav'd.
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Death demo

I *really* love this level. But the teleports!
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Nevermore's finally back! This place has been collapsing a bit...


Speed not all gold demo.
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Speed all gold. It may seem like there are a few unnecessary switches and doors, but it's all to make sure it's impossible to cheat. I spent about two hours getting rid of cheats, so I hope there are no possible ones anymore.
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