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Author bhz
Tags author:bhz glitch new test unrated
Created 2007-12-30
Last Modified 2007-12-30
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Description No. Really. The map looks easy. No hidden enemies. Here's how it's impossible:
1. Record a demo of you playing and beating the level (which is REALLY easy)
2. MANUALLY reset objects (Press R)
3. Playback the demo.
You will get killed by the laser drone without completing it level!
This is odd. Very odd.

NB: Only works is debug mode.

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Still works

Demo Data


Demo Data

still finidhed

Demo Data
And I just won't rate this.
Demo Data

Now I see it!

Wierd glitch it is...


Forgot to mention for this to work, you must manually reset (Press R) before Q!

T3chno, loaded your demo -> R -> Q -> *looks at top left* And I see this:

-demo loaded
Resetting Objects
-demo playback started..
-demo playback stopped
You were killed by a laser drone.


N still finished the level

Demo Data


I recorded a demo, and it still works for me.