Hero of the Mine

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Author Cryptic
Tags author:cryptic dda kradda locked-doors rated
Created 2007-12-30
by 16 people.
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Description For weeks, the miners looked up as they worked. While they had been able to secure the massive boulder, they knew the support beams wouldn’t hold against an earthquake or rocket attack. They had emergency girders prepared as well, and while they were stronger, they rusted quickly and, as such, were meant for short-term use.

An evil badger king learned of this and, seizing the opportunity to wreak meaningless havoc, he decided to destroy a massive drill conveniently located directly beneath the boulder. The badger king buried a remote-controlled rocket launcher on the edge of the mining property.

A ninja, who was fighting enchanted Barry-Bonds-flavored pirate hats nearby, saw the evil badger king with his superb vision. “You’re under attack! Get to the bunker!” he cried out to the miners. They blindly obeyed, scrambling through the unfinished ventilation tunnel to get to the bunker. The badger king fired his rocket and guided it toward the ninja…


A DDA of 1300 frames.

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liked it, 4/5. Missed something, but can't say what...


4.5aved liked the end

here's a version

that I played.
4.5 for open space.
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but i dont think you should put mines in ddas.

I like it

several close calls

I liked the ending too
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