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Author bhz
Tags author:bhz easy playable thwump unrated
Created 2008-01-01
Last Modified 2008-07-19
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Map Data

Description Possible map. Here's a completion guide...
From start, hold right or left, land on the top of the tiles, and drop to the launchpad after the thwump has passed. After hitting the launchpad 3 times, chimmney really fast and attempt a reverse jump off the thwump. If you fail the reverse, it's OK. You'll still likely complete the level.

P.S. All the exits are possible. But the ones on the ceiling are really hard if not impossible without FBF.

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No you ahven't :P Fun challenge
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fixed. Now I think you have to do the reverse.

Another demo

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be cheated like your demo's are. You were supposed to do it like this...
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Not very difficult

first try
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whats the point of the level though?
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