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Author longvie
Tags author:longvie long longvie playable race rated
Created 2008-01-02
Last Modified 2008-01-02
by 5 people.
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Description The flow is marked with gold.
Enjoy my first long race, my 3rd race.

It looks like an animal in thumbnail, doesnt it?

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Too much gold dude

Just a little too much. Even it out a bit. Good lad.


That was great, besides being a little tough to get into the different parts of it.
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Oh yeah


I know, I just didnt want to make it all plain.
Thanks, I appreciate it. About the gold placement, I did it to show the flow (that rhymes), and about the one-way. Yes, you are right! I did it that way because I added the trapdoor at the end, forgotting there was a normal door at there. And finally yep, It is based on "Anyway, the N way" of MARIJENANDRES (I hope I spelled it right).


great race map, kinda like anyway the N way but more tightly spaced. for your third this is fantastic. i'd work on your gold placement, and a one-way would be more appropriate in the trapdoor you go through at one piont, you'll see why in my demo. 4
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