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Author longvie
Tags author:longvie destiny longvie mine-jumper playable race unrated
Created 2008-01-02
Last Modified 2008-01-02
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Description A dedication to a great race maker, _destiny^-. Thanks for everything.
This is a mine-jumper race map, a little short due to the fact that tiles occupe most of the space.

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you didnt offend me in the slightest, mrgy05 does it too ^^

First try.

Fun, but too bad it isn't longer.
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if someone wanted to search my maps just wrote "longvie". I didnt see that you did it too, sorry if it offended you.

oh dear god

your going to copy everything i do arent you?


now all my maps have longvie as a tag. Yay me
when I am :P


also, what time is it where you live?
hey look - thats my name!

thnx dude 5/5aved cos it actually IS my name

and good fun :P
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