Come N get me!

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Author kinglibai
Tags agchaos author:kinglibai fun playable race rated
Created 2008-01-02
Last Modified 2008-01-03
by 7 people.
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Description My first race, isn't very hard. Feel free to post demos!

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rough, rough, ruff

smooth out the edges, don't use so many trap doors, and everything should flow
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Good for a first.

but the flow was pretty rough.


It flows very badly, but there are some okay ideas and the path is cool. 2, and I need a suggested data field thingy right now.


The lack of smooth slowed me down and meesed me up. Other than that, good job!

to say you only used 1's and 4's more or less,

i give 3.5
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Don't use launchpads and try not to rely on trapdoors.
1 + .5 for first.

My demo.

If you can't do it then here it is.
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