Dance of the Weathersnitch

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Author Atilla
Tags author:atilla bitesized bounceblocks difficult non-loopy playable race rated unusual
Created 2008-01-03
Last Modified 2008-03-22
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description I ATEN'T DEAD.

Yeah, this is my first NUMA map for a while. Looks a bit ugly, but it's a nice change from the usual loopy races. At least, I though so.

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You can.

It's the running ninja icon left of the title.

oh yeah...

i forgot that you cant fave maps anymore. or can you and i just cant find the button?

thanks to NEWMA,

i just now discovered this (fairly) old map. and i thought this was a great opinion to rub it into all those guys' faces that i beat their demos! HA! thanks, newma, you are a great friend.

this map is great by the way. its not easy to make a map addictively (is that a word? lol. i'm german, so at least i dont have to be ashamed of my mistakes XD), but not annoyingly hard, but you pulled it off. 5aved!
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I'm not sure what you're referring to.

By the way

Does CM EIN mean anything, or is that just a coincidence?
the reason for the jump at the bottom is that I kept falling through the darn bounceblock.
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sooooooo close!

it's really late, so i'm giving up for now
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really hard
best that i got
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Awesome. :D

I hate the load time. I know its necessary for this type of map, but that's not a valid way to excuse it. At the least remove some of the unnecessary mines to help streamline it a little.

Still, glad to see someone has some creativity left in them.

It's very racey!

I like this a lot.


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I'm sorry Atilla

but this map just seems like an action that is tagged race to make people try it fast. I can't really see how it is a new type of race. If you'd made us go fast, with drones or something then I guess it could maybe qualify from my point of view. It's still a nice jumper though.
I just think that the implementation could use some work. It just doesn't seem to be a race to me. But that's probably because my mind has been tainted by the races made nowadays. This has inspired me to make a new (ish) kind of race. Thanks atilla.


It's annoying.


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nice job!

This computer doesn't have a USB port so I can't play it, but I played it in my head and it was rather fun.

I saw that, Demonz.

I've asked Maestro to take care of it.


He's done it to me, too, Atilla. Except I actually clicked that link.

What the...?

Don't put links like that in comments, please.

Also, what are you yellin' about? *I* didn't bitesize it, if that's what you're asking. If you're just complaining to the world in general because you think the map is bad, saying what's actually wrong with it would have been more helpful.


You bitesized this? Go click on this link NOW!
...but long loading time is inevitable in this sort of map. I could probably chop out a few mines here and there, but it's always going to be a bit slow.


Nearly four lines.
but with enter, I can do some of the later parts with less difficulty. SOME.

Too difficult. Great concept. Too long of time to load.
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Decent demo.

Except for the bit where I kill myself about three-quarters of the way in. Oh, well, such is life. Or death. At least it shows how the map works.
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