Mountain Dew.

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Author Tapp
Tags author:tapp bitesized dda kradda projectair rated thwump
Created 2008-01-03
Last Modified 2008-01-03
by 11 people.
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Description Another DDA that I made for project air, find it at
This one uses thwump corner kicking.

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is definitely not bitesize-worthy. 2/5. Not that amazing.
Very simple concept, and you didn't even /need/ to use all of those thwumps, but I guess it was a pretty cool type of propulsion. It doesn't really look like a KRA because there's so much empty space that the rocket has no close calls.

Well yeah, that was basically what Cryptic just said.



I like electric slides, but it's too easy and ugly if you use z-snap. I liked the tileset, but there was a lot of space that wasn't used, making the DDA somewhat short. There also wasn't much going on with the KRA aspect.

hi tapp

good to see you finally got numa working for you. My young apprentice
very, very short...
whoever bitesized this doesn't have very good judgement.

this is...

a map worthy of the delicious title of mountain dew