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Author epigone
Tags abstract author:epigone boe featured playable race rated
Created 2008-01-03
Last Modified 2008-05-26
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Description I love it.

This map was featured on 2008-06-09

Breaking away from the norm, Epigone [] is known for creating wholesome races with a sting in the tail, and Chimerical is no exception. From a glance, you wouldn't even recognize it as a race, but its loose flow and non-restricting route keep you locked to your keyboard. A must-play for any abstract race enthusiast! — TheAdster

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a lot of unnecessary parts to make it flowy, the door switch above the starting position was akward. wasn't a fan

fun fun fun

that was really good 4.5 ^
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This is good

But I still like a few parts.
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what a load of over-hyped rubbish :(
Sick demo mammaletto, especially the ending drone dodge.


flow was hard to find, but i think i got it ^^
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Fast route AGD!

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5/5 i love it too
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Awesome map


My demo on Nreality is messed up bro.
Not to mention the fact that I went though the doors without getting the switch. Look at it FBF O___O




This map really deserves more than it's current 2.5.
It's just so refreshingly different to the majority of junk that gets dumped here each day.

Don't stop making these!
than a 3.

good map

quite flowy, solid concept, nice placement of gold/mines

Love this map

tiles are great
gameplay was awesome too
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key i meant*

Amazing tiles.

Gameplay is good, however, I would like to see a gauss or a rocket in those little circular areas. (The one between the exit and the 2nd key.)
But by no means limit yourself to this route. Feel free to explore.
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