La Danse

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Author Pheidippides
Tags author:pheidippides medium playable race rated
Created 2008-01-04
Last Modified 2008-01-04
by 18 people.
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Description My first race in a long time, and far and away my best. Dedicated to epigone.

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Nice joub

It´s a good map, you really good.
it's nice to have, but what really matters is the game play and enjoyment of the level.

I liked it. It's so different from any race i've ever played, and I loved that. 4.5aved for giving me a new perspective on what makes a race map a race map.
in what way? What, in particular, looks bad?

Woah dude

You need to work on your object placement to make the map look alot better.

Nice flow though.
It's not one of your mainstream one-way glitches, but most people know about it. Just put a bounceblock one tile above the one-way, and if you jump underneath the block it will drop the ninja through the one-way. I think it can be done in other directions as well.


How did you work out that first part where you fall through the oneway? Is that code manipulation or does that just happen all the time?

i liked this race a lot

Slow demo

but i made it
fantastically fun - flow kinda reminded me of my junkyard level.

i give 4.5, because i rate a map for how fun it was, rather than anything else.
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@ calamity,

Yes, I do make the occasional race. Very occasionally. My last one was nearly a year ago. O_o

.. .. ..

Demo Data
Very fun. I liked the different jumps and the object placement.


That was weird but pretty good. Interesting flow.
3.5 + 1 for an cool and interesting flow. Good work!

Flow demo.

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