Glitch Engine

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 bitesized glitch playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-01-05
Last Modified 2009-05-16
by 21 people.
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Description This is both my most comprehensive and my most deadly glitch-based map to date. I highly suggest making good use of the enter key and not attempting an AGD.

This map is something of a sequel to Your Glitch Here [].

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Not bad

That would certainly speed things up, but I'm not sure it's reliable.

Unintended glitch?

Before I (unintentionally) die. :)
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Unintended death.

Demo Data

Ignore that...

got it. Excellent map, Fav'd.

Very cool.

But how do you get the gold in the middle, behind the one ways and mines?


Just wow. This is like...crazy. Whoa. Wow. Dag. 5/5...Period.


thanks. i'm kinda new at this.=]
Read the "editor manual" file that came with the game for instructions (or just look at the listed hotkeys).

Finally, read [] for mapmaking advice.

ohh. okay thanks.

one more question,
how do u create your own maps? do u need a diffrent program or somthing?
The ratings on your profile refer to the number of ratings your maps have received, not the number of other people's maps you have rated.
when i rate a map it won't show up on my profile. can u help me?
Also, to see any demos (like mine) that were recorded before resetting the level, load them first, press q, load the level, and immediately press p.


why isn't my demo working?


I got it!!
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first try

didn't get far, but it was still amazing.
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11th overall, and 1st playable.


a confusing glitch map


Note: because of the way the floorguards are set up, they will perform differently after the level is reset. To see this demo work properly, you must make sure to load the level immediately before playing it.
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This is very nice.

Haven't seen most of those bugs before.


I hadn't even considered that gold delay could let you through there...

...I guess this map has an unintended glitch.

Awesome 4.5

Sorry for the somewhat long demo, but i found a way of getting some gold that's different to how you did.
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I have no idea how you did most of that.


It isn't an AGD, but it is my best so far.
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