La Grotta di Aladino

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone bitesized cave playable rated
Created 2008-01-05
Last Modified 2008-01-05
Map Data

Description "Aladdin's Cave"
The Cave Map Competition

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קל מידי

that is too easy in hebrew

I survived the bouncer!
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Demo Data

not that hard

but the gauss would have been really annoying
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But I couldn't figure out where while keeping the symmetry without making it too difficult.


the best here is the look.
the rest is simply too..easy.
i cant get any fun outta this.
First time agd
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+ = fun, simple,addicting
- = repetetive

Very fun.

AGD + Bitesized.
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I liked that

too. Simple but fun. 4/5

this was cool

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