Pirate Pete

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Author cahu
Tags action author:cahu bitesized cavecontest featured playable rated
Created 2008-01-06
Last Modified 2008-01-13
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description "Hallo there matey, can you help me,
I seem to have misplaced my body"

Pete failed to make off with the treasure from this creepy cavern, see if you can do better!

A tricksy, fast paced map, for cave contest

This map was featured on 2009-11-29

The first time I played this, I thought "Gawd, this is better than my featured map -_-" or something along those lines. I guess that makes this map worthy of some praise, in my books. Or at least a feature of its own.

Pirate Pete plays like an adventure. All of the obstacles are well defined and prominent, and you'll know how satisfying the map is after your first gold cluster. But for the sake of Pete, do not play if you don’t wish to tread boldly. There are many booby traps hidden in these caverns, and many lost souls. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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Another AGD

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Holy fuck.

Backwards walljump!
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this is very good. Sure, have a 5.

It just occurred to me.

You know how bounceblock placement has always been one of cahu's biggest problems? This map has perfect placement of them. :O Just with the ending, its fantastic. Just something I noticed haha.


Okay then.


I seriously played this map yesterday, after scrolling through cahu's archive :D
I like it really much, especially the tileset. Nice choice, GHM.
This map is great. Much better than a smelly GTM map. I mean, seriously, what sort of idiot would Feature one of his maps?


Too old for this highscoring business... pretty polished map.
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well thanks BB Code, thanks for nothing.
I remember when you went through a phase where every comment you left began with, "this reminds me of this map: ". [".]

Well sorry isn't good enough GTM! Back of the line!

Also, this map is fantastic. I love gauss', especially when they're placed perfectly. 5
Also, yes Radium, I DO. Sorry about stealing your spot, but you never said anything. :/


I didn't think this map was as incredible as other people made it out to be, but it is definitely a solid map. The flow in the bottom left was nicely done. It is possible to jump up and get the exit button and finish the level without having to go into the top left section, but it takes away a lot of the fun. Nice feature. 4/5
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Loved it! 5/5 way to go man!


and your self-referential reviews.

it was for the cave contest two years ago


very fun
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I was playing cahu maps just this morning. Cahu for bestest mapper ever. :3


me matey...

too tough
Very good concept, I felt like "Wow!" when I first saw the map, enemies and everything just was very perfect. My type of map. Tileset was amazing though. I will 5ave this, it deserves. Agd;
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Great choice.

Already had it faved. ^_^

Great job

This feels like my feature atm, but better in some ways... 5
I like being constrained and constricted... in bed.
nice demo.


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Demo Data

Ha! cheatable

and I did it without fbf too ;)
non-completion though
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I for one

enjoy freedom of movement.


<oh no, the drama! the tension! quick cahu, do something!>

" ..anyone want a cup-cake?"







Nice map

allows freedom of movement, etc etc.



PS: fotf is wrong. horribly wrong. :D :D


whatever, agree to disagree

mmm.. so?

just because most maps don't allow freedom in path it doesn't mean that's a good thing

the best maps are ones the allow the player to experiment a bit


mosts maps don't.
this is very enjoyable. great tileset. 4.5/5