Doom Arena - Master Controls

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Author Lex_Leach
Tags action arena author:lex_leach doom hard lag lagwarning playable series unrated
Created 2008-01-06
Last Modified 2008-01-06
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Description This is the second in my Doom Arena Series.


And if you could look at my other levels that would be appreciated.

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but not with gothic


1. You have too many drones, therefore too much lag to even concentrate on.
2. Hiding switches behind gold? Hiding trapdoor switches behind gold is acceptable, but those? Nope.
3. Never put in huge rooms of gold unless you have to work double-hard in order to get them. And it should only be 1.
4. Do not bunch gold together next to each other, like if they were touching. It doesn't look right.
5. Instead of having mines next to each other, make an empty formation surronding the area you wish to block.

Like, for example:
$- mine.
|- wall.

Like this:

Not like this:


It looks much nicer that way, and it still works effectively.

Fix those details, and it will look much better.


My map... SOMETHIN! Rate it ! BTW, your map is good.