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Tags author:nightmare619 collaboration rated
Created 2008-01-08
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description It would seem we have reached an impass.
(collaboration with max_ride)

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superb map.
Demo Data

Holland!! :P

in Dutch: wel een redelijke map maar ik ben er niet zo gek op... je mist de fun-factor omdat het nogal moeilijk is

in English: pretty good map but I don't like it... I mis the fun-factor because it's pretty hard


I do _not_ spend my free time studying calc. In fact, I never do any math outside of school!!

cool map

i like it too
its just slightly on the wrong side of impossibly hard :P

I like it.

Except I don't like it when the drones condense at the bottom. It's a horrible, horrible flaw. In fact, this map is a flaw in itself, a flaw in the face of NUMA. Five.