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Author formica
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Created 2005-07-31
by 14 people.
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Description ARGH! ARGH!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STUPID LEVEL!!!!! You have no idea how long I worked on this. I did everything 'properly', from creating a stock of one- ways and trap doors to putting down enemies first. But, stuff that says my computer, I'd rather chuck in a ton of random death syndrome than be logical. I even went through and manually switched around bits of the code- to no avail.

So, here I'll post this under Test Level; a DDA that works about 1/4 of the time.

I won't ask anyone to fix it, but if a sudden flash of inspiration occurs to you.... well, I wouldn't complain.

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that was sweeet worked my first time thjis is soo 5ved u shuld be on the top rated by now =)


Put a horizontal trapdoor on the mine near the homing launcher, and the trigger 1.5 squares above the launchpad just left of the mine.
Awesome 4.5!


I watched it four times. The first three times, N always died to the upper left rocket, but the fourth time it worked. Very very good DDA when it works.


That was quite possibly the greatest DDA ever. I watched it 3 times. Once he died by the lower left rocket, then by the upper left rocket, then by the laser-drone right next to the exit.

So many close calls, really cool stunts, slow, but exciting parts. I love you.