A Lovely Bunch of Squibbles

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Author epigone
Tags abstract author:epigone bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2008-01-12
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Description ~Dedicated to Squibbles~

Squibbles provided the initial tiles, which I expanded upon. Much of the object placement is inspired by Ad and the flow is partially inspired by Psycho_CO.

This is rather unlike anything I've ever made before, but I daresay it was quite successful. Have fun kids!

This map was featured on 2009-05-04

Looking at this map is orgasmic; something about the frail lines of gold, simply waiting for a ninja to eat them up, makes one immediately want to start soaring through this map. The tight use of space, especially in wide open areas, makes this a wonderfully developed creation. If you've never played an epigone race you're surely missing out on some of the most uniquely crafted maps of the genre. — origami_alligator

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it isn't one of your best imo. a bit technical for my liking, but it looks incredible, especially the gold. a glance at the thumb would show a cluttered, disorganised map, which, while being cluttered, is not disorganised but cleverly crafted.


I was like, HOLY CRAP, I GOT FEATURED...then I realised that it was the title. :/

This map is sweet, I'd 5ave it, but I already have. ;)
I'm surprised I never commented.
The beginning is a waste of space to me, but I like the gold arrangements.

I made it

Demo Data
but are you serious? Of all the maps that haven't been featured, you really think this shouldn't be? This map may not be epigone's best map, but when are the features the best of the authors. Southpaw already pointed out how he felt about featuring it. This map has exactly what he said it has to offer and maybe some more hmmmf. Fantastic it is, and definitely deserving of the feature. And if you really think it doesn't, then why don't you become a featurer and decide what does.

true words

But I really felt like it was the most unique of the 15 or so races that I played of yours the other night. I realized not everybody would appreciate this map like I do, but I hoped to bring it into the forefront so that people can see that race maps can be more than how well one section flows into another; they can be about precise jumping or finding flow when at first there doesn't seem to be any.



I've played far better races, this does not deserve a feature, its far from it compared to other races I've played.....
If infact Losttortuga was right, and this was a kra-race, maybe a feature for first attempt, but still not good enough, when it comes to flow, this has nearly none...the only real flow I can find (using 4-tiles isn't flowy, I know through self-experience) is the bottom left area with the floorguard
this is no exception
However, while this map does in a way exemplify my 'unique' maps, it is certainly not my best.


Well, this is sort of, not really "choose your path" but this is "design your path" which what epigone did. And the rocket part at top was cool where rocket continues to chase you if you are not fast enough, this map has got some real qualities, and it's really good.
it was good then too


not a perfect demo. i'm glad this got featured; epigone races are like a genre of their own.
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just not my (and a few others) cup of tea..
Could not be redone. Good job .


I really loved the flow! The only part in this map that bothered me was the beginning..
A pretty hard but also a rewarding race!

Can we PLEASE not

start fighting over getting the "first" comment on a featured's just spam.

average at best.

If you're going to review a race, it has to be flawless imo. This was not flawless.

*reads review*

I love the gold, too! =P

i love this flow

:D 5aved

it's good and flowy

but i don't think it should get featured

must agree


Hate Beginning



that's an amazing race if i ever saw one



Never seen a map quite like this.




I could swear i faved this.

Brilliant map epigone!
all your doing is giving me more attention - ratings don't matter.


Neat, could be better in parts.
Demo Data
But if you do the beginning right, there is a brief KRA segment that was rather unintentional but pretty neat.


The gold pinpoints the flow. You won't be able to get the flow at first, but after a few tries, it's really good. You can't cheat it either, being so open-spaced.




Quite hard, but amazing nonetheless.
Was it supposed to be a KRA race?
I noticed the gaps in the tiles covered by one-ways, but found it hard to actually get the rocket through them.
Here is mjy first try demo, I'll see if I can get a completion later.
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