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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bitesized featured rated zenith
Created 2008-01-13
by 33 people.
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Description :D

(from Zenith)

This map was featured on 2010-09-14

This is krusch in his prime, using very simple tile combinations and concepts in unconventional ways. The tiles the mines combine very well with the six-two halls. The drones offer a challenging break. The all gold demo is by far more challenging than the completion and the tiles are simple and elegant. — rocket_thumped

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Still a krusch classic
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This map absolutely deserves to be a featured one.

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I have had this map faved for two years and five months. Good job, jerrod (and, of course, krusch).
Not feature worthy, not bad. 2.5^
why is it not faved

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It is a good map.

It made excellent use of such small space.

this is the perfect

'drones in small places' map. i dont really think the mines were necessary, highscore probably would have been a little more fun without them. other than that i loved everything. 4.5^

Good map,

but not really feature-worthy. 3
i don't see how this is 'unconventional' gameplay though
and an AGD is only unconventional in that it makes you backtrack way too much.

Also, dunno what people are on about. This map is amazing.

lololo roket thumped and krush ar friendz nd this iz why he gets da featured.


I don't know how this wasn't already favorited.

This is krusch' 10th feature, Yahoozy has 21, atob has 16.
we shouldn't be complaining about krusch reviews anyway... it's not like it's another Riobe map or anything ;)

If you say so.

That's still not irony, though.

@koipen : It's ironic because I imagine the chat between rocket_thumped and krusch went something like this:

krusch has joined #n
rocket thumped: Oh wow krusch is back?!
krusch: Hey
rocket thumped: I'ma feature one of your maps!


I'm not being bitter, I'm just imagining that's what happened. ^_^

Plus it doesn't really matter what I comment on featured maps anyway, my posts usually get deleted anyway. :)

That's not irony.

Plus Krusch's return simply reminded people of his talent. What's wrong with that?

Stop being so damned bitter.

@AMLT what's ironic in that?
two times in the review :/


I love it!
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This archive is

so ripe for featuring.


Not one of krusch's best maps. I find it ironic how he gets a feature as he returns to NUMA.
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some kind of agd

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Sexy Review.

Sexy run-on.


The tiles and the mines combine very well with the six-two halls.

make another one

u slacko


but only just that
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is it me

or do the drones get faster and faster? =P

Looks amazing.

And the gameplay is really refreshing.


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