On The Run

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 bounce-block-powered bounce-blocks bounceblock bounceblock-power bugs dda glitch laserdrone long rated thwummps thwump-based thwump-dda trapdoor-power
Created 2008-01-21
Last Modified 2008-01-21
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description My second dda! Has plenty of trapdoors, thwummps, bounceblocks (well only a few) and lots of other good stuff! long jumps, everything. Took me all day.

Thank you uber5001 and PsychoSnail for the information on how to make the thwummps go backwards! If anyone wants to know, just ask me.

Thank you Life247 for the title!

Have Fun!

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Needs more speeeeeeeed
it works for me. Looking back, I'd give it a 1 but...

doesn't work

might be in wronng spot look
Demo Data

"On the Run"

call it that. more enemies, less open space, less waits. I loves the top right corner part. don't put gold for the sake of gold. 3.5.

check your last unfinished dda, cause I left an example on there.


Sweet DDA keep it up 4/5...for a name you should call it flying burrito or something lol :P