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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 bouncblocks bounce-block-powered bounce-blocks bounceblock-power dda fast non-playable nonplayable thwummps trapdoor-power unrated
Created 2008-01-21
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Description Who-hoo! This is another one of my DDAs! This time featuring bounce block powered ninja! Of course, I still have my traditional thwumps and trapdoors. Now here is where I ask for help: I am horrible at putting in enemies.

This map is dedicated to whoever gives me back this map with enemies in it. I must like it, though. And try not to mess it up toooo much.

Also, PLEASE PUT DEMOS OF YOU CHEATING ON IT. I will need to fix that... Also, a better name might be wanted...

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befor you make a DDA, make the tiles and enemies, becouse you can't add enemies when it's finished

cheated demo

I'm guessing that was directed at me. but don't fret over it, it's just a hobby of mine.

lots to fix. mines are pointless , less gold delay. don't fear launchpads, just don't overuse them. one launchpad used several times is better than trapdoor lines.

agree with PsychoSnail: good-looking tileset first, enemies , and then dda.

3.5 for no enemies and unused space. you can always pm me for dda help.
Demo Data
but i agree, enemies are 100% needed

No... enemies?

That makes me a sad panda. :(

I recommend

making the tileset first, then place the enemies, and design the dda around the enemies. You could also place the enemies, and then do the tileset as you make the dda. That way, you know the enemy lag time, so it won't get messed up later.