Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 dda rated rockets thwumps
Created 2008-01-26
Last Modified 2008-04-27
by 5 people.
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Description This is a beginning to my next dda. Rate, comment, etc. Also, some ideas on how to make it better and where to add enemies would be indeed helpful. Thanks

EDIT: I added some stuff, but I don't like the trapdoor line. Yet I saw no other way. Comment please.

EDIT2: I lengthened it, I hope the trapdoor line is OK because there isn't really any going back now...

EDIT3: I lengthened it again, I think I might be almost done. I'll finish it on the weekend. but I'm kind of stuck here. Help please!
P.S. It's 1445 frames long right now, ending in a tragic death with a rocket. I told you it wasn't finished.

EDIT4: Yes, I have an exit now, no it is not finished yet. Yes, I am crazy. No, I am not planning to make it less than 100,000 frames long (okay, I'm just trying to get it to 2,000.. but what's 98,000 frames anyway?)

EDIT5: Made it longer, can't figure out how to re-use the top door...

EDIT6: Made it longer, I'm trying to put in another rocket, but then it messes up the earlier rockets.. I'm going to try to edit the code so that the rocket is first.. That's why I'm saving it now

EDIT7: Longer still. Couldn't get that rocket in =/

Life247 finished this for me (what would I do without him). However, if he keeps finishing my ddas and making them generally awesome, I will be put out of business and homeless (kidding). Oh well, thanks anyway.

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open the link and download the file.

I called it "Evolutionized" but change it if you want.

keep up with the ddas. I might make a ded to you.
should I:
a) Finish it now, and abandon my goal of 2000+ frams
b) Use a teleporter to get out of the bad situation (where the last bounceblock is now)
c) Get you to tell me a way to get out of the bad situation.

I like them in order backwards, c is my favorite, b is second favorite, and a is least favorite.

Damn really cool

It's amazing that youve managed to create such a closecalls with two rockets..

Respect :D


Wow, thanks

Some ideas on the tileset might be nice also.. I've had a lot of complaints that my tileset is ugly. And I'm no artist.


I haven't checked out many DDA's that aren't on the top-rated list, but this seemed quite good to me! I mean, it's a little quiet at first, with just the thwump and the one rocket, but it picks up in the second half. I love how you generate all the close calls! Having never made DDA's myself and having only watched a handful, I can't give you any constructive advice other than continue with the level - it's good so far!