Glass cave

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- cave destiny glass playable rated
Created 2008-01-28
Last Modified 2008-01-28
by 6 people.
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Description but how fast can YOU do it

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It's harder than it looks.

Nice run



Took it back by 12 frames
Demo Data


kk beat me by going outside the boundry

AGD 618

Check out my AGD at 618 frames.
It's on the highscore list on the unreality mod under the name Trannybill.

Got it before jedi kmaster too, check the time.
and i like the concept so XP


4, game play 5, addictive but concept 3 repetitive.


finally, AGD. Good map though, especially because i had a concept like this a while ago, of course i went on numa later that day and someone had posted the exact type of map i was planning on making, not you by the way. So...a solid four. It has good fluidity.
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Speed demo

no cheating, note that my last demo was for the unreset map.
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Sweet map

The cheat demo
Demo Data
sorted now


beat it. i dare you
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